There’s been an update to the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case. If you’re not sure who that is, then I’m not sure why you clicked on this post. Maybe you were curious because of the name. In a nutshell: Gypsy Rose Blanchard was a very young woman who was the mastermind behind the murder of her mother. Her boyfriend, clearly manipulated by Blanchard, did the deed.

Mom, you’re thinking, that’s awful! Why would she deserve early release?!

It turns out that Gypsy Rose’s mother wasn’t exactly…motherly. Does this mean that I’m giving Gypsy Rose a free pass? No. I’m saying given how she was treated by her mother, DeeDee Blanchard, she’s more than paid her dues. And, yes, I feel bad for Gypsy Rose’s former boyfriend, Nick Godejohn. Clearly, Gypsy took advantage of him. Full stop. That’s my opinion, nothing more or less.

DeeDee Blanchard Victimized Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose saw no way out. If you watch any or all of the docuseries, documentaries, or interview and/or read articles or books related to Gypsy Rose and her upbringing along with her relationship with her mother, one thing remains constant: Gypsy Rose was victimized by her mother, and she saw no other way out.

Multiple doctors were involved with Gypsy and did not help her — they continued to medically harm her whether or not they meant to do so. She lost her teeth. She had a feeding tube. Gypsy had no education and no real idea of her actual age. She had to hide a cell phone and a laptop.

We all know the joke about shared Facebook accounts between a couple: who cheated? Gypsy had to share a Facebook account with her mother. Maybe you see that differently because Gypsy was a minor. And she probably was, at that time, a minor. Yet, given what we know now, it was most certainly a control issue…it wasn’t just to control the outflow of information about Gypsy…it was to control the information that Gypsy received as well.

You see, DeeDee tried to also convince Gypsy that she, Gypsy, had multiple deadly issues, including cancer…and that she could not eat or drink, hence the feeding tube. And if doctors would not play ball with DeeDee? She found a new one who would.

Doctors are mandated reporters…talk about a “slip through the cracks” on multiple occasions. Yet, we do know of at least one time where social services did show up. And DeeDee convinced them that everything was just happy, happy, happy.

Boys Will Be Boys

Eventually, using hidden technology, Gypsy meets Godejohn on an online dating site. Now, has an interest in adult subject matter that you can read about on other sites because I plan to host educational things here as well. He’s also a special needs adult with some known delays…and he’s been in trouble with the law in the state where he lived at the time.

Really, what Godejohn was his happily ever after. He wanted DeeDee to like him. And Gypsy Rose initially thought she could make that happen at a Cinderella movie. But to really make sure she had Godejohn in her hooks, Gypsy played to her feminine wiles. She made up alternate personalities to match Godejohn’s and wore wigs and makeup. She sent him provocative photos and engaged in adult conversations, too.

DeeDee did not like Godejohn at the Cinderella movie. She found him creepy. Now, to be fair, Gypsy and Godejohn didn’t do a great job setting this meeting up…to bump into each other…as strangers…who all magically hit it off. Gypsy knew her mother didn’t like strangers. So, imagine that you have this liar for a mom and a secret boyfriend, right? You and your mom are going to a Cinderella matinee that you’ve secretly arranged for your boyfriend to pop up at to have this ✨magical ✨ moment of true love: boy meets girl in fairy tell movie theater…their eyes lock…mother realizes true love in an instant and lets them ride off into the sunset?

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Not even on my most giving or trusting of days….not even if God, Buddha, Jesus, Cthluhlu, and FSM came to me right there and said, “It’s okay, Mom, this is a good person!”

There are still people who support R. Kelley and Bill Cosby…

So, I get it that we have two young adults who have very little understanding of the world who tried to make a plan to try and win over someone who Gypsy had some understanding was overly controlling.

And, boys will be boys, he was like, “Whatever you say, babe.”

Narrator voice: And being a typical hot blooded male based on previous court charges, he would, unfortunately, stick with the “Whatever you say, babe,” narrative with Gypsy which would really screw up his life.

If we rewind before the movie, there was a conversation that Gypsy would eventually come to somewhat regret, I’d imagine…because it just doesn’t sound all that romantic from a “knowing now what she probably wishes she knew then” perspective, that those two red hot love birds would sneak off separately to the bathroom.

And they get it on…that’s right – her very first time is in a theater bathroom. How…romantic. And by romantic, I mean uncomfortable on many levels.

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So, now poor Godejohn is definitely in it to win it because she’s given it up! She’s showed him actual affection. We’re not talking about a common red blooded American teenage boy who may have lots of options. Do your research on him if you’re interested on learning more. I’m not putting him down by saying that. I’m also not stating he was necessarily obsessed. I am saying that in his way, he loved her. This was his woman. I’m saying this as a lay person with a background in forensic psych, not as someone licensed or someone treating. I’m talking out of inference and available info…and a personal opinion: mom with a blog.

Godejohn Gets Life, Asks for New Trial

Godejohn received a life sentence for DeeDee Blanchard’s murder. You’ll note that I didn’t get into the details about that here. I’m more interested, really, in the fact that he was, in my opinion, manipulated into killing her. He showed up in a cab. While I can empathize with Gypsy’s state of mind because DeeDee allegedly kept changing her birthdate on documents and had Gypsy sign a durable power of attorney, Gypsy did show that she has a lot of her mom’s tendencies by getting someone vulnerable to kill her mom.

Gypsy was abused. Gypsy was vulnerable. Gypsy did not deserve what happened to her. Does Godejohn deserve life for being a victim? He asked for a new trial in 2022.

Gypsy’s Probation Date: December 2023

Let me be clear: Gypsy deserves probation this year for her mother’s murder. I have all the empathy in the world for Gypsy because of what she went through in the hands of her mother. I’m happy she is receiving early probation. I wish her nothing but the absolute best and a successful rest of her life.

I doubt you ever see this, Gypsy, but if you do…I say this to you as a daughter of a mother who is not a good person because MY mother is not a good person. Do NOT embrace those negative traits. It’s okay to use the ability to influence others, but do it to bring out their best. Nurture the good in yourself and in others. Be the mom to yourself that you needed. Be the nurturer and the love that you needed, girl.

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