Hey, hi, hello. I’m your online mom. I’m in my mid-40s…which makes me Gen X. What does that mean for you? It means while I do care because I’m that kinda mom…I’m still going to give you the truth…whether you like it or not. If you don’t like it and come for me, you should probably know a few things:

  1. My parents were born in the 50s (bio parents). They were addicts. They gave zero fucks about me…which means I don’t care what you think about my point of view. Take it or don’t.
  2. You going out of your way to “find” my employer is futile. I am my employer. Sorry for your luck.
  3. You have feelings….a lot of feelings. I don’t. Start your own website of opinions, thoughts, actual statistics that can be cited, and facts.

So, yes, enjoy your stay. Subscribe and learn something related to life…and remember that just because you disagree or don’t like what my analysis doesn’t make it any less true or likely to be true (and, yes, I know: correlation isn’t causation…you should also remember the same and stop reading so much into things that can also be very, very simple just because you want life to be more complicated than it needs to be).

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