A Missouri teacher was fired for an OnlyFans account…and no one was really shocked, but are we looking at the big picture of everything?

Mom, have you lost your mind?

Just hear me out.

  1. The article includes a quote that stated her husband works with her on OF. She started working on it with her husband because they believed that would increase the following to increase the cash.
  2. Teachers are notoriously underpaid.
  3. She and her husband aren’t, that we know of, targeting children or minors.
  4. While I state that she was “fired,” it’s because some articles say she was fired and others state she resigned. As a teacher, you sign a contract. So, you either resign or you get fired by the school board.

What Are the Real Issues?

One of the real issues, and I know that some of you will disagree that the first issue I list isn’t the “real” issue, is whether her contract had a morality clause. My guess is that there probably was a morality clause.

That clause, if it exists in her teaching contract, probably says something like, “Hey, don’t do things like work for fleshy websites!” but in a more legal-eagle language. It probably also included language like, “Hey, also, don’t say or do things that make us look bad!”

So, the legal department for the district probably said, “Oh, hey, yeah, big, big problem…resign or get fired.”

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Is It Really about the Children?

It’s important to note that this Missouri teacher was, at least, behind a paywall…and that she did opt, at least according to this article, step down from her position. In her words, “Never do I think the students or children should have been exposed to this.”

And she’s right. And she’s most likely not the one who told them. Let’s be real – these conversations are had by the adults…in front of children. The kids hear it and then go look for it. So, is it really about the children? If it were really about the children, why weren’t they protected? Oh, freedom of speech, right? If we were truly interested in protecting our children, would we consider paying our teachers appropriately so maybe they wouldn’t need to take a second job unless they just wanted to do so?

Just some thoughts. I’m not for or against her actions. If she signed a contract with a morality clause, she should needed to understand that and what her options were for secondary income. Take up erotica writing under a pen name if adult content is truly an interest.

She’s certainly not the first teacher fired because of an OnlyFans account and she won’t be the last. She won’t be the first person to likely regret having an OF account, either.

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