The Neuralink human trial applications may (keyword) be finally upon us as a society. The news websites are reporting that Elon Musk’s Neuralink is seeking patients so that they can begin human trials.

Neuralink Nonsense Thoughts

Look, I don’t keep up with Neuralink. At all. That’s my disclaimer.

My thoughts are as follows because I guess that Musk recently at least alluded to (yes, alluded, which holds a different definition than eluded; please click the two separate words for the definitions if you really need to do so) initiating a user fee for each user. Again, not subscribers, users.

Will he? Won’t he? Time will tell, I guess. It will be the end of an error to see the platform go. Nero fiddled.

Imagine, though, you pay for Neuralink for whatever it’s supposed to do…and suddenly the policies change, updates are made, and you’re told you’ll pay more to continue to use it (or to get new features…think as if you’re a current subscriber to Twitter).

How happy would you be?

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