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And…this is why we homeschool.

A Texas kindergarten teacher admitted to giving special education students melatonin gummies. The article does not state whether the teacher was (keyword because she’s no longer employed) a special education teacher or a substitute teacher. It only states that she was a teacher.

So, in a classroom, sat the most vulnerable of students. A teacher did not wish to engage, teach, or otherwise work with said students. Understand that I recognize how challenging kindergarten special needs children can be. I remember when Uriel went to all-day kindergarten. It was rough for him. His teacher didn’t make it any better. His para-professionals certainly tried. I was glad when we moved into a new school area…before we pulled him out last year. That’s a story for another day.

Just Because It’s Natural Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

If you don’t have a special needs child, you may not understand what the big deal is since melatonin is natural. Well, it’s a big deal on several levels.

  1. What if a teacher brought something to school and gave it to your child without asking or telling you? What if a teacher drugged your child? Could be a Benadryl…hey, that’s OTC. No big deal, right? Maybe they think your child is hyperactive or talks too much and was tired of dealing with them. So they gave them a couple of Benadryl. You’d care.
  2. Just because it’s natural, doesn’t make it safe. Teachers don’t always know what the children take. This is particularly true if a child’s medication recently changed or if it’s a temporary change. So, if a child is on a med that should make them focus or otherwise “slow down,” that’s a problem. If the child takes melatonin at night and is now getting another dose, that’s another problem. A person can overdose on melatonin. #ThingsILearnedFromRheumatologyButYouCanGoogleForYourself
  3. It is not the teacher’s place to give any sort of medication. That is the place of the school nurse or the nice people in the office. When Uri was in public school, we had nice ladies. I don’t know the make-up of the people in the office of the school involved so….yeah.

And That’s One of Many Reasons Why We Homeschool Our Special Needs Child

I realize there are a lot of great teachers out there. Our niece is one of them. We have a teacher who comes to visit with our son three times per week to make sure our son is moving right along with his curriculum because we believe that’s important. And, no, we don’t think all homeschooling families need to do that. You do you, boo. It provides us with extra resources and she is amazing.

Yet there are more and more stories of teachers just…wildin’ out in the classroom…this is just one of the many reasons why we homeschool our special needs child.

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